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Greetings! I'm Laban, a skilled web developer and software engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya. With aspirations of becoming a writer, potentially diving into the world of blogging, and a passion for biking as my favorite pastime.

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MY serivce

Designing Innovative Web Experiences

Website Design and Development

Creating end-to-end web solutions: Responsive interfaces, robust server logic, crafting seamless online experiences.

Database Management

Skilled in designing, implementing, and optimizing databases for dynamic web applications, ensuring data integrity and seamless interactions.

API Integration

Enhance web apps with seamless API integration for advanced functionality. Connect, leverage interconnected technologies for optimal performance.


Designing Innovative Web Experiences


JavaScript (React, jQuery, ajax)

PHP (Laravel)

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Version Control/Git

Web Servers ( Apache, Nginx)

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Clean & Swift Dashboard

A swift, clean and premium designed dashboard with beautiful hand-crafted components & elements all with increased perfomance.

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